Hamish Dobbie designs and creates work that balances traditional craftsmanship and digital design from his workshop in Glasgow.

Inspired by the landscape of Scotland, the rugged feel of the scenery heavily influences the shapes and textures of his work.

Hamishs’ work has been recognised by multiple awards as well as being exhibited in several public and private collections including The Pearson Collection and the National Museum of Scotland. He sells work in the UK and internationally.

"Inspired by the landscape of Scotland, the rugged feel of the landscape has heavily influenced the shapes and textures that I have implemented in my work. I have been combining hammering, chasing, engraving and 3D printing along with various precious metal plating pocesses to create the works to date and intend to further develop these combinations. As an ongoing body of work, further experiments can come from these combinations and I have been exploring more direct combinations of digital and hand made elements. I would like to create work that looks found not made but with a function to them."